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An unforgettable pizza.

As well as the great classic pizzas, Umami offers an outstanding series of pizza ideas entirely drawn from the Neapolitan tradition, together with very original gourmet pizzas.



All doughs are made with choice quality, low-gluten, high-moisture flours, natural yeast, salt and extra-virgin olive oil. Distinguishing features of Umami pizzas and panuozzos: quality and lightness.

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Only at Umami: the Neapolitan panuozzo!

As we have already said, panuozzo is pizza's younger brother. The dough, and the compulsory baking at high temperature in a wood-fired oven, are the same. It is in the shape of a large roll and is filled, after initial baking, with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, vegetables and cured meats. After further baking, it is ready to be enjoyed. No-one should miss the traditional panuozzo with sausage and "friarielli" sweet green peppers.


Bormio, Italy
via Stelvio, 23
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lunch: monday to friday
12.00 to 14.15

dinner: everyday
19.00 to 23.15

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