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All doughs are made with choice quality, low-gluten, high-moisture flours, natural yeast, salt and extra-virgin olive oil. Distinguishing features of Umami pizzas and panuozzos: quality and lightness. Great care and attention is also paid to the products used for the various toppings and fillings. Mainly of Italian origin and with zero food miles when possible, all ingredients comply with extremely high quality standards. Foreign products of excellence are used to create new flavours and combinations. During the week diners can choose from different doughs made with very unusual flours, some of them of very ancient origin.

Umami pizzeria Bormio

"traditional" dough

Blend of "type 1" and "wholemeal" stone-milled organic flours. Strong, distinctive fragrance. Rich in fibres and mineral salts. Made only from grains of Italian origin.

Mondays only
Umami pizzeria Bormio

"Timilia" wheat dough

Very rich in protein and with low gluten content, with a roasted fragrance with hints of almond and malt. This flour is made from a very old variety of wheat grown mainly in Sicily, known and used since ancient Greek times.

Wednesdays only
Umami pizzeria Bormio

"scrocchiarella" dough

Traditional Roman pizza by the metre, made by the biga method with soft wheat flour for a light, crisp, delicious result. An attractive alternative to the traditional round pizza, which can be topped with two flavours of the customer's choice. Served on wooden platters about 60 cm long.

Thursdays only
Umami pizzeria Bormio

"Grano arso" wheat dough

After durum wheat was harvested, the stalks used to be burnt and a few scorched grains were left on the ground. Landowners used to grant the peasants the "privilege" of garnering them. This flour from Puglia has a strong flavour and fragrance and is rich in mineral salts and proteins.

Fridays only
Umami pizzeria Bormio

"saragolla" wheat dough

Durum wheat semolina with nutrient content virtually the same as the more famous Kamut wheat. However, "saragolla" is 100% Italian and organic, and has been grown in the Abruzzo region since the 5th Century CE.

Saturdays only
Umami pizzeria Bormio

"Organic wheat grass" dough

"Wheat grass" is wheat, barley and spelt which has been allowed to germinate and sprout for no more than 10/15 days. Used since ancient times for its beneficial properties, since it is rich in mineral salts, amino acids and antioxidants, Wheat Grass flour has a strong fragrance of hay.

Sundays only

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