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Pizza and our philosophy

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if he has not eaten well". Virginia Wolf

"All our dough is made with flours of excellence, low gluten and high hydration, mixed leavening, iodized salt and extra virgin olive oil. We adopt different methods of baking: biga, polisch, autolysis, all to offer you the highest quality and a lot of lightness. In addition to the care of the dough and its maturation, we also pay great attention and care regarding the selection of different ingredients for the seasoning of our pizzas. We use only quality products, fresh and of Italian origin, when possible at Km 0.

From tomatoes to extra virgin olive oil and mozzarella, except for all those products of foreign origin that help to create new flavors and combinations original and refined. Also in this case the selection is very accurate and the choice falls only on high quality products. During the week you will have the opportunity to choose between different mixtures made with alternative flours. An added value for those who reserve great attention to nutrition as well as for those who simply want to experience new flavors and scents compared to those of the classic pizza".

Bianca Borruso

Umami pizzeria Bormio

dough with the "wholemeal" flour

Dough obtained with a baking method called "Biga" to have a more marked aromatic bouquet. It’s light with a percentage of wholemeal type 2 broad-leaved flour rich in minerals.

Mondays only
Umami pizzeria Bormio

Charcoal flour

Charcoal flour is one of the most digestible flour for pizza, with activated charcoal that is increasingly used to make contemporary gourmet pizzas with light dough and evocative flavor, unusual and that keeps all the peculiarities of taste of a pizza with classic dough.
Wednesdays only
Umami pizzeria Bormio

burnt wheat dough

It is not white but dark tending to grey... the burnt wheat is obtained from the coarse milling of the ears escaped the harvest and then collected after the burning of the stubble. It’s rich in vitamins.

Thursdays only
Umami pizzeria Bormio

"Timilia" wheat dough

Timilia flour is a highly digestible organic and wholemeal product, a very ancient variety of Sicilian durum wheat, has a toasted aroma with notes that recall the almond.

Fridays only
Umami pizzeria Bormio

"multicereals" dough

Oat flakes flour, rye flakes, barley flakes, wheat bran, whole grain buckwheat flour and wheat germ.

Saturdays only
Umami pizzeria Bormio

"brown venus rice" dough

Whole grain Venus rice flour from a certified 100% Italian chain, grown in the historic rice fields of Piedmont. Rich in mineral salts, vegetable proteins and antioxidants give the dough a scent and an intense color. risovenere.it

Sundays only

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