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When family counts!

In this case, it is definitely a force for good! Thanks to the Borruso family, Bormio's food offering is enhanced with tastes, fragrances and even the friendly irony that only pedigree Neapolitans can offer. So Umami is not to be missed for anyone wishing to taste a genuine pizza or panuozzo, perhaps preceded by a delicious starter.

Antonio Borruso

He has had his star tattooed in his arm. A souvenir but also a serious reminder. Naples-born Chef Antonio Borruso won his first Michelin star at just 28 years of age, in 2007. Curious, extrovert and visionary, Antonio has worked with great Italian and foreign chefs, acquiring skills, techniques and know-how. After 15 years of a roving lifestyle in search of professional experience to enrich his skills, he finally came to Valtellina, where he has expressed his passion first at the Gimmy's restaurant in Aprica and then at Umami in Bormio. He is supported by a large, close family. His love of good food comes straight from the "Borruso clan", restaurateurs for three generations. In his heart he has countless memories of flavours and fragrances linked to his childhood and the tradition of a typical Neapolitan family, where Sunday wasn't Sunday without a meat ragout.


Sweet creativity

Working alongside her brother in the Umami adventure in the Valtellina is Bianca Borruso. Although still very young, she is also a highly talented Chef. Her style is refined yet energetic. Traditional flavours and fragrances combine with modern creative inputs. Bianca's love of cooking originated very early while she was still living with her family in Naples, but it grew to excellence here in Valtellina, and is expressed in every dish she prepares. Desserts? Her passion! A passion which is certain to delight everyone, leaving the flavour of a promise to return in every mouth.

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Bormio, Italy
via Stelvio, 23
t. +39 0342 911734

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lunch: monday to friday
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dinner: everyday
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