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Award-winning Chef Antonio Borruso's latest creation just had to be a Pizzeria. Keeping faith with their Neapolitan origins, Antonio and his sister Bianca have taken on a new challenge. A short stroll from the centre of Bormio, Umami is a space for sharing, for good food and for good times, for regular customers and tourists alike. A place for savouring an excellent pizza, delicious panuozzos and mouth-watering, beautifully prepared dishes from the best Italian cuisine.

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Umami Pizzeria Bormio

Umami is savoured with the heart even more than the palate

Professionalism, tireless sourcing of quality raw materials and a constant commitment to improvement and innovation are the main ingredients of what is already a successful venture, born from a deep passion that the Borruso family have shared over the generations. Rhetoric? We'll let the flavours speak for themselves!

The Umami philosophy


Umami offers not only the best pizzas and panuozzos you have ever tasted but also mouth-watering starters and desserts from the Lombardy and Neapolitan tradition, created by Chef Antonio Borruso and his talented sister Bianca.

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The cuisine is a family affair.

The gastronomic offering in Bormio is made extra special by the partnership between award-winning Neapolitan Chef Antonio Borruso and his sister Bianca, who has always followed in her elder brother's footsteps, in many cases showing just as much talent. But what are two natives of Naples doing in an old pizzeria in Bormio? It's quite simple ... every day they enable the inhabitants of the Valtellina and the many visitors to the area to discover what a "real pizza" is like: an apparently "easy" dish yet very complex in the skilful preparation of the dough and, even before that, the selection of antique varieties of flour, which are more digestible, tastier and healthier.

About us

Bormio, Italy
via Stelvio, 23
t. +39 0342 911734

Opening hours

lunch: monday to friday
12.00 to 14.15

dinner: everyday
19.00 to 23.15

Tuesday closed

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